My familiarity with the world of purebred dogs means that I have a personal and detailed understanding of what dog and cat (and horse, and...) breeders want out of a website. Additionally, my over twenty years' experience in photography means I have a strong sense of aesthetics, color and composition, as well as a good eye for photographing animals. Combined with over a decade of experience with the internet and web development, this puts me in a unique position to help you develop an attractive and distinctive web presence, at an affordable cost.

"That's nice", you say, "but not only am I not a dog breeder, I'm allergic to dogs!". No problem! I'll make sure to vacuum any dog hair off the site before I send it to you! But seriously, if you need an eye-catching website at an affordable price, pets or no pets, RoverExposure is here for you!

Please contact me for pricing.