Vastgota Nina Ricci ("Nina")

Born: May 14, 2007
Grey Sable, Natural Bob Tail
CERF 2008 (SW-188)
Full dentition.

Nina Front

Nina at one year, May 2008.

Nina News:

On August 24 2008 at the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Dog Association at Long Sault, ON, Nina earned another point toward her Canadian championship, winning breed under judge Ricardo Saldana. She also helped the Pembroke Corgi win a group 4, by being in heat and making him show off ("how YOU doin'?"). She now has 7 points!

Nina Group 4

On Saturday, May 24 2008 at the Ottawa Kennel Club show in Richmond, ON, Nina won Best of Breed (over a professionally-handled adult female, no less) and then went on to take group 4th in a group of 12 breeds. She earned 3 more championship points AND her first TOP DOG points (37). Thank you to judge John Rowton (who said Nina was “gorgeous”, even when she gave him a lovely sit at the end of our down and back…hey, we’re both learning!). She'd had enough by the time we got around to having our picture taken, so this is far from the most flattering picture of either of us, but what can you do?

Nina Front Nina Side

Nina at 5 months, October 18, 2007

Birk Bibi
Sire: CH Vastgota Birk Dam: Hurstfield Sweet Burberi (GBR)

The newest addition to our home is Vastgota Nina Ricci, AKA Nina. She was born May 14, 2007, and earned her first three Canadian Kennel Club points at the Ottawa Kennel Club show in November 2007.

Nina is from Ulla Gamberg's Vastgota kennel in Ontario, Canada and we are very grateful to Ulla for entrusting us with this wonderful pup.
Nina and I are currently in agility and tracking classes at Canine Sports Complex and Positive Pet Training. In February 2008 Nina and I attended our first agility fun match (basically a trial but no points are awarded and you can train, reward, etc.), Nina did extremely well considering it was the first time she'd actually run a complete course, and I learned something I should have already known: look at the course from the DOG'S point of view. I guess all those years of jumping horses didn't help with dog agility (although that experience sure helps with memorizing courses).

Nina is smart as a whip and loves to learn, she's just a joy to work with.

Nina's pedigree:

CAN CH Vastgota Birk CH Tridents Bussig SUCH FRCH Ellebo's Teddy SWE N INT CH NV-93 Kärradalens Rudolf SUCH Flygaråsens Drill
Åttingbergs Tussi
NUCH Ellebo's Wanja NUCH Grålötens Nikke Normann
INTUCH SUCH Kicklocks My Betty SUCH NUCH Riavallens Rurik SUCH NUCH INTUCH Rödagårdens Risto
INT N SUCH Hallavadets Hanna
Tridents Daisy SUCH Vikingatorpets Danne
SUCH Kicklocks Laiza
CAN CH Ebba 21711/93 CD SUCH NUCH INTUCH Chipsmakers Dynamit Harry Nissagårdens Trisse Limpen
Tessan S13005/81
INTUCH NUCH SUCH Vallmyra Henny SUCH Vallmyra Ronny
INTUCH NORDUCH Vallmyra Priska
Tridents Lina Riavallens Sverre SUCH NUCH INTUCH Rödagårdens Risto
INT N SUCH Hallavadets Hanna
SUCH Kicklocks Laiza SUCH Rödagårdens Lurk
Hurstfield Sweet Burberi (GBR) Hurstfield Phrode Of Kitsam CH SunFire's Head's Up at Elrond H. Dynamit Harry of Elrond Tridents Ärlig
Mättjärns Augusta
ARBA CH Caval Heels Over Head CAN CH Vastgota Rudolf Valentino
Vastgota Juliet
Hurstfield Legacy From Lana Svedala Lilla Anders Boeråsens Bergatyr Bergatyr Of Macette
Hurstfield Barbro Of Svedala
UK CH Hurstfield Kilana UK CH Drammericans Axstane
Hurstfield Barbro Of Svedala
Vastgota Cloudberi Arctic Gold CH Vastgota Herr Larsson CH Tridents Bussig SUCH FRCH Ellebo's Teddy
INTUCH SUCH Kicklocks My Betty
SUCH CAN CH Tridents Qulan Riavallens Sverre
SUCH Frida 32204/89
CAN CH Sunfire Cranberi at Vastgota BIS ARBA CH Valshep Hattis Svante UK CH Hurstfield Hextable
Starvon Scatti Hatti
ARBA CH Caval Heels Over Head CAN CH Vastgota Rudolf Valentino
Vastgota Juliet