Irish Setter Invasion II: Attack of the Nina

The Irish Setters invaded again last weekend. Cillian was horrified by Nina, he’d play with her and then suddenly realize that she was small…then he’d react like a person with a leech or an Asian Giant Hornet on them (“is it on me?! IS IT ON ME??!! GET IT OFF ME!!!!”).

Sully, Cillian and Nina (hopefully you’ll know which is which):

Cillian confronts the horror that is Nina:

Setter vs Vallhund

Now there are FOUR amigos (Cillian’s saying “it’s right beside me, isn’t it? ISN’T IT!?!?!?”):

Four Amigos Now

Nina has a stick, Cillian cannot believe that there could be so much horror in someone so small:


This time, it WAS on Cillian…or under him, anyway:

It's On Me

Two Vallhunds, one Setter, three dogs enter, two dogs leave…fair? Probably not…

VallhundS vs Setter

I think they secretly like each other, Nina is certainly not scared of the big dogs (at least not when the big dogs are as good with little dogs as these two are):

Cillian and Nina

Sully is far too mature and dignified to join in this, so it’s 2 against 1 again:

VallhundS vs Setter 2

Rakki looks on as Cillian confronts his fears:

Cillian vs Nina

Cillian looks to Rakki for comfort and help, while Nina plots her next act of horror:

Help Me Obi Wan KenRakki

This time, it was on Rakki…like a deadly remora sucking a shark’s life force…

Rakki and Nina

Jim listens to Nina’s terrifying tales of blood and mayhem on the setter front:

Jim and Nina

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