Irish Setter Invasion

My sister Jennifer was here for a visit (where “visit” = “help us paint, or else”) with her two Irish Setters Sullivan and Cillian (or “Skillian” when you get confused about which one you need to tell to stop doing that, although when it doubt, it’s Cillian). Since Sullivan, Cillian and Rakki are best buddies, non-stop playing and hijinks ensued.

Everybody loves Sully (or at least the stick Sully has):

Everybody Loves Sully

Awww, Cillian gives Rakki a big sloppy kiss:

Best buddies

Then it’s PLAYTIME:




Vallhund vs Setter faceoff:


And then, THE ATTACK (Cillian is leaping to Sully’s rescue…or is he?):


…resulting in a mess of dogs:


Heh…Sullivan and Rakki ganging up on Cillian (look at that face!):


The always-successful “burrow into your opponent’s neck” attack:
Rakki attack!

Horrible mutations caused by atomic radioactive spider bites (how many dogs in this picture?):

How Many Dogs?

Sullivan, pretending to be noble and dignified:


Setter patrol:

Irish Setter Patrol

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2 Responses to “Irish Setter Invasion”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    ok FUNNIEST series of pics I have seen in a long time!

  2. Bonnie Wolch Says:

    Now that is a terrific detailed event Jen. Your dogs are absolutely gorgeous….Lucky for you, the two dogs get along so well…they look like they have been together for YEARS!! Thanks for sending this to me. Maybe next time we can put ol’ Britney in there too and see what happens? NOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!

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