Day 2

It’s amazing how Nina has figured out what to do and how to organize herself.  She has this way of lying down when she wants to feed them that makes it easy for them to find the milk bar (I don’t mean just lying on her side, she curls around the puppy pile as she’s starting to lie down to encourage them).  She must be able to tell them apart by smell, because if she comes upon one she’s already helped to urinate and defecate, she just gives him or her a quick lick and moves on to the ones she hasn’t toileted yet.  She is a bit concerned still about ones that climb behind her (like the one I’m calling “Shackleton” in my head, who is always off exploring and trying to climb up the sheer ice cliffs of Antarctica soft folded towels in the corners).  It’s amazing how they all already have their own personality, even though they’re just little grublets: one is very cuddly and is always wedged up under Nina’s chin when she’s not eating, the afore-mentioned Shackleton, there’s one girl I call “Breaker” in my head who is always surfing over her siblings (she never goes around or under, only over the top).

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