AKA Early Neurological Stimulation started today.  Today is day 3, and you do the exercises from day 3-16.  It was interesting how they all responded a bit differently, some just accepted it, others complained and then relaxed, others complained the whole time.  It’s very quick (each exercise is only done for 3-5 seconds once a day).  Everyone is back in the whelping box nursing now.  I will be interested to see if their reactions change tomorrow.

Day 3

Day 3

Today is first nail trim day!  They already have little sharp hooks on their claws, and we don’t want poor Nina getting scratched, nor do we want them scratching each other, so we will trim claws today.

Everybody grew nicely, they are visibly bigger, and they are all ahead of where they need to be to double their weights by 8-11 days of age (I was told there would be no math, but according to Jim, they need to average out to around 6% gain a day to do this, and they are all doing so).  The slow gainer from yesterday (long tailed boy who only gained 4.9% yesterday) got extra feeding time yesterday and had gained over 13% by today.  They are all over 300 grams now except the Wee girl, who is gaining well and was 264 grams today (up from 245 yesterday), she’s just littler than her siblings, but is active and sassy and feels like a bean bag when you pick her up, as she should (newborn puppies should feel heavy for their size, kind of like a bean bag).

Nina has one nipple that seems to be inverted, so nobody is nursing from it.  I will keep an eye on it to make sure she doesn’t get a problem there, since there is milk in that mammary gland that isn’t getting expressed.  She is happy and doing very well, eating up a storm, wrestling and playing with Rakki when she isn’t mothering the puppies.

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