Irish Setter invasion, blah blah blah. Nina loves her Uncle Sully:

Nina and Sully

All four of ‘em:

All Four

Nina and Cillian are in almost exactly the same position in this picture:

Mirror Dogs

Cillian and Sullivan:


Cillian vs Rakki:

Cillian vs Rakki

Nina looking cute:

Happy Rakki:

Happy Rakki

Nina plays with Cillian like a lion plays with an antelope:

Almost got him:

Nina vs Cillian

Two against one:

Two Against One

Cillian is clearly doomed:

But actually, they all love each other:


Go get ‘em Nina (she and Rakki can keep up with the Setters quite easily as long as the Setters don’t have room to get going full-out):



See you next time:

Nina and Rakki

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