Some Things To Look For In A Dog Breeder

This is by no means intended to be a complete list, however, here are some things I feel are important in a breeder:

  1. They want to interview you in some depth. Good breeders donít place their puppies just anywhere, they want to get to know you to make sure you and the puppy will be a good match.
  2. They do health tests on their breeding stock, and share the results with you.
  3. They know their breed, including why it may not be appropriate for everyone.
  4. They donít breed primarily for the income.
  5. Their dogs are well cared for, mentally and physically.
  6. They require you to sign a contract, which includes a take back guarantee should you be unable to keep the dog.
  7. They want to stay in touch with you to help you with any issues and keep up with how you and the puppy are doing together. A good breeder often becomes a friend for life!

Published in Vol. 1, Issue 1 of "All Bark! The American Swedish Vallhund Society Newsletter"